Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Everybody Draw Mohammed day

Tomorrow is "Everybody Draw Mohammed" Day. And I find myself in a bit of a conundrum. On one hand I think it is ludicrous that artists and cartoonists can't draw or parody Mohammed like they would any other political or religious figure without fearing DEATH THREATS from extremist islamic sects. Yet, I know that I would feel pretty bad if my religion was singled out and something sacred was mocked openly.

I remember when this whole "don't draw Mohammed" stuff started. I remember thinking to myself "We should get a lot of people to draw him. They can't kill everyone, right?" And yet here we are on the eve of that actually happening, and I can't decide what to do.

Part of me feels like I should do something. But part of me doesn't want to be disrespectful. and yet another part of me wants to be cool and aloof and not care.

I can't decide. Most likely laziness will trump all and I will end up not doing anything.


Johnson Family said...

Just because they can't kill EVERYONE doesn't mean they can't pick SOMEONE or SOME PEOPLE.

I agree that it is crazy that if you draw this figure you could be killed, I mean, WHAT!?

And yet, if nobody ever made a mockery of God and Jesus Christ (out of fear or whatever the reason), I would be happy.

Is nothing sacred?

Stephanie Dunn said...

Crazy stuff! Talk about confusing! I can't pick a side either, although I'm leaning towards the idea of not refusing to draw him, but not drawing him on a day where a bunch of people are being obstinate. Solution: draw him the day after tomorrow! :)

Anonymous said...

/ \

That's whoever you think it is.

<3 Joel