Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Artist I admire: Satoshi Kon

This is a few weeks late. But, the world lost a giant in the world of Animation when Japan's Satoshi Kon died. He was an animation director who had directed such brilliant films as the terrifying and tense "Perfect Blue"

the romantic and beautiful "Millenium Actress"

the heartwarming and wonderful "Tokyo Godfathers"

the surreal and sublime "Paprika"

He also directed the mindbending Television Series "Paranoia Agent"

It's rare when a director can span so many genres and can evoke so many different emotions. He was a visionary and a quote that I heard when Satoshi Kon died sums up exactly how I feel

"With Satoshi Kon's passing I'm not afraid that anime will never be the same. But that it will always be the same."
And that hits the nail on the head. He died of pancreatic cancer and he was able to write a heart-wrenching letter to his family, friends, and fans. If you feel like crying you can go check it out here. I'll post the last paragraph as it is a suitable end to this entry.

With my heart full of gratitude for everything good in the world, I'll put down my pen.
Now excuse me, I have to go.
Satoshi Kon

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T.W. said...

fond memories of tokyo godfathers and paprika. i think i saw scanner darkly before i saw paprika, and originally thought that the latter was derivative. i was wrong.

good stuff.